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Knitting Ganseys

Here’s how I spent my knitting time over the weekend.

I had a fun time working up the sampler Gansey in Knitting Ganseys.

I found a few techniques a bit fiddly in the small sample but I hope they will be a bit easier in a full size garment. Also being familiar with them should make designing my own sweater easier. First fiddly bit was the channel island cast on. It looks cool though. The second annoying bit was the invisible provisional cast on for the neck edge and shoulder strap. Then getting the shoulder strap knit was challenging the first time. I actually had to rip out the first one and re knit it because I stupidly did it wrong and twisted it up. Once I got it going correctly it went easier and the second one was no problem.

I have some reading to do and then do some swatching and planning. I think I would like to use a sport weight yarn for my design. I’ll keep working on my shawl in the interim too. I can’t wait to get going on this. It may take awhile but it should be fun and interesting.

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