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Happy Easter!

2012 04 08_0907.JPG

It was a lovely day and we spent the afternoon outside taking a well earned holiday.

Kyla (above) has developed a tradition of creating a work of art to greet us in the kitchen on holiday mornings and this is Easter 2012’s masterpiece. The picture doesn’t even do it justice. It is magnificent.  Thank you Kyla!

This one lives for goodies and has been eagerly counting the days. Oh well, at least there are some Math skills learned in that, right? LOL!

My littlest one is more interested in his trucks and cars, but he did get a small basket this year.

I even have a small stash of my own, of which I partook while working on the baby cardigan and listening to 11/22/63.  It is a very engrossing read and I am almost finished with it already!

All our best to you and yours!

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