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Curio Progress

So, the Curio sweater is coming along quite nicely. I finished the section where I was working on the body stitches only. I now have the sleeves and body stitches all on the needles and it’s time to begin working the top part of the sweater, the yoke. It has raglan decreases but this one is different than most I have made. The decreases are made where the sleeves are joined, but they aren’t always made at the same time. Typically you make the 8 decreases every right side row. With Curio though, you are not only keeping up with which row to work from each of the two stitch patterns and working out how to do the decreases, when they are made, while maintaining the lace as much as possible; there is the additional FUN of different rates of decreases for the sleeve and body parts and different sizes. GAH! Not exactly easy for Netflix knitting at this point.

Sooooo, my thinking is that I may chip away at it a few rows here and there when I have some quiet time and go back to the afghan pieces for Netflix knitting in the evening. I’ll have to wrap my brain around how to set up my knitting progress app for the different stuff that needs to be kept track of for the sweater. Wish me luck! LOL

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