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Chance of Showers

chance-of-showers-9-16-2015 (1)

It has been a busy week getting caught up on housework and recordkeeping for the business. I also had to reload some stuff in the trailer for the show in Yellow Springs, OH this coming weekend. I leave on Friday and set up on the same day.

So anyway I just got the new sweater washed and blocked yesterday. I think I will be wearing this a lot this fall. It’s comfortable and easy to wear.

I cast on for a new project and have a second planned which I may cast on soon or may wait until I finish the first. We’ll see. They are both Dee O’Keefe’s designs and are destined to be booth samples made from my newer base, the Classic Merino DK. Both require two skeins.

The stripey one I cast on last night is the Jimi Shawlette which Dee says was very popular in her Ravelry group so I hope it will be a big hit in the booth. I am using a slightly thinner yarn than the worsted she used so I went down to a size 7US needle and I may modify the size by adding more stripes if it looks small when I complete the 44 stripes, assuming I have plenty of yarn at that point, which I probably will.

That purple skein sitting next to it is going to be a Lilyanna Shawl in Dusk.

I went for an eye exam yesterday because it has been a couple years and I felt like my lens’ may need updated, which they did. Here were the final two that I was debating. The left pair are blue and the right pair are red, and surprisingly I settled on the red ones. Red is rarely my color of choice but I was trying to branch out from my default green and purple. The shape is a little different that what I usually have had also. I was going for a larger lens to get more reading and computer zone real estate since they are progressive lens.

Okay, that’s all for today. I will see you from Yellow Springs, OH soon!

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