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Another hot day in the sun

2011 07 12_1490.JPG

Today was pinks, reds, violets, and oranges.  It figures that we ended up dyeing yarn on the two hottest days of the summer.  

Now y’all can see what a glamorous life it is to be a dyer.

Here’s the view looking in the door from the outside.

Yarn soaking

Here’s where I do all my figuring and I may have checked Twitter and my email a few time too.

Taking a break in the shade while waiting for pots to cook.

She’ll probably kill me for this one. It is her back though, right? To be fair I DID put that one of me up there, so we are even I figure.

I thought this one looked pretty cool. The pot was partly in the shade of the trees at the time and the sun was peeking through and reflecting off of the water.

Okay a few drying on the line shots and that’s it for today.

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