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A Brief Interlude


It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks and it’s not slowing down for a couple more. I have gotten some progress made on Jimi, this is the sum total of my knitting though. I have 14 rows of each color now and the pattern calls for 22. I don’t think it will be big enough at that point though. I am loving these two colors together. I need to knit faster because I want to get to the lace part. :-)

There was a great turnout as usual at A Wool Gathering this past weekend. The weather was less than great on Saturday with rain and windy conditions for the first half of the day but the sun came out for the second half and then Sunday was really nice, cool and sunny.

I got home yesterday afternoon and I am back out tomorrow on the way to north west Virginia. My plan is to break it up into a partial day and a full day of driving. I usually drive the whole 615 miles in one day but I anticipate the possibility of heavy traffic and slowdowns due to construction along my route and I lose an hour due to the time zone.  So I am going to do 150 miles tomorrow afternoon and the rest on Thursday. I should be in Winchester by supper time on Thursday, earlier if I don’t hit much traffic after all.

See you in a few days from Virginia!

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