What should we call it?

I wish I was a faster knitter. I have gotten one repeat of the lace done on the Spiral Effect Cowl. Heather is waiting for me to finish test knitting before she officially publishes the pattern. I haven’t had any problems with the main stitch, so I just need to get the rest of those done so I can get on to the border design. I think there are 8 repeats of the main stitch pattern and each repeat is 10 rows. It’s not complicated and I would rate it as maybe advanced beginner lace. There is a double decrease and a marker shift, but nothing too difficult to tackle for a newer lace knitter. 2012 02 22_0530.JPG

I love the one she made in the variegated, but it looks equally great in a solid. This is one of those rare designs which work well in either a hand painted color-way or a semi-solid.

2012 02 22_0533.JPG

I got out in the  “dye studio” yesterday to work on a new color and this one is the winner. This is exactly the color I was going for and got it right on the first try. That is definitely not how it usually goes, LOL! It can take many tweaks sometimes to get the color just how I want it. As a matter of fact, I tried a couple ideas for a mauve-y type color and didn’t like any of those; so orange it is.  I am again open to name suggestions, so fire away. Naming colors is hard and frankly, the well is a little dry after so many years of doing this. LOL!

Well, the UPS man just delivered this while I am writing this post.

2012 02 22_0553_edited-1.JPG

The 8 boxes of yarn that is. Not the baby, LOL! Better get to work.

8 thoughts on “What should we call it?

  1. Poppy or Tiger Lily?

    It’s good to see the little man is appropriately excited about new yarn. :)

    1. LOL! Are we all? Completely normal response I say. ;-)

      Oh, and I like Poppy. I was thinking of a few flower names like Nasturtium or Zinnia, but Poppy is good too.

  2. i love the orange!!!!

    1. Thanks Heather!

  3. Maybe ‘Intensely Papaya’? It’s a gorgeous color, and I’m not normally an orange lover. At least on me :). Very pretty lace, even if I don’t knit. I wonder if I can create something along those lines in crochet….;).

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. :-) I don’t crochet, but I bet you could do something similar

  4. The first name I thought of was “Firecracker!” But it also looks like the blood orange my husband bought today, although I’m not so sure about a name like that… I don’t wear orange, ever, but it is a great color nonetheless! Like Traci says, intense.

    1. Yeah, we thought of Blood Orange too, but also decided it sounded a little icky, LOL!

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