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The Passage

The Passage by Justin Cronin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved it even more the second time! I finished The Passage and boy am I glad that this time I have the sequel in my possession and ready to start. I can not wait to get going on it.

As I was reading I found there were many parts which I remembered easily like the beginning stuff with Wolgast and Amy, and then in the second section with The Colony and the journey to Colorado. In particular I remembered the parts with Theo and Mausami and the birth of Caleb and the rest of the party encountering the soldiers. There were quite a lot of other details which I realize now were lost and it was good to review them. For example the opening scenes where the scientists were discovering the creatures from where the virus came. Also later on when the travelers set out from the Colony, the facts of why were fuzzy. I was thinking it was about the batteries for some reason. There was other stuff too, but suffice it to say I am glad I read it again. I now am fully prepared forThe Twelve :-)

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In other news: I am feeling better today. Fever seems to be gone finally and while I am experiencing the remants of cough and sinus symptoms, it is better.

Also Sprossling  is totally finished. I am very pleased with it and working on getting some pictures today which I will be sharing with you ASAP. Stay tuned :-)

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