I can’t believe it’s July already!

July-01-2015 (3)

Well the labels all have color name stickers on them and we are ready to start the process of attaching them to the skeins tomorrow. Believe it or not you are looking at 1300 labels there, so it will take awhile for the next part. Part of what takes so long for this step is that it is also the quality control step too. We have to inspect each skein and make sure they are tidy. Some will need to be re-skeined if they are snarled.

July-01-2015 (4)

I got some knitting done last night on the Chance of Showers cardigan. I am finished with the yoke and started the first sleeve. They shouldn’t take long sine they are short so my plan is to get them both knit and get to the body section. After that I may take a break from this since I “should” be knitting my cotton baby sweater sample and finishing up that up-sized Sorrel before the August shows start. That always comes sooner than you think it will when you say to yourself “Oh I have 5 weeks, that’s plenty of time”. Well yeah, but there are tons of other tasks to be done in that time as well. Sigh.

July-01-2015 (2)

Here’s something else that will be happening tomorrow. Elijah is turning 5 and I got his cake made this afternoon and finally located the toy he wanted. It was hard to track down since it is apparently a popular one.

He is obsessed with dinosaurs so we let him see the new Jurassic World movie which he loved. There is a series of Lego sets based n the movie and he had his heart set on the T-Rex Tracker one. It is sort of pricey but I figured what the heck. The Lego store was out of it, Toys ’R Us may have had it but their website was terrible and I gave up. Amazon was even out except for other sellers who were charging a premium and it wouldn’t have arrived in time. A Google search this morning linked me to Target and low and behold the closest location to me was actually the only store in Nashville who had it in stock for store pick up. Done!

July-01-2015 (1)

I will be sure to get some pictures of him opening it to show you. I was so tempted to give it to him today because I can’t wait to see his reaction, LOL!