Checking in from Minneapolis

Good morning all! I have about an hour until I must leave for the convention center for the first market day at Vogue Knitting Live Minneapolis, so it seemed like a good time to catch you up on my last trip for this year.

Booth set up went pretty well on Wednesday afternoon. I am fortunate that I am able to park my trailer at the convention center in the loading area. I can also park my truck back there each day when I arrive. This relieves much stress with finding parking each day. On the other hand I am paying dearly for that privilege. I won’t even say how much because it is rather sickening but it seems I probably wouldn’t have saved much, if anything, by parking off site since the lots charge $4-$8 and hour or something. Sheesh! But anyway, the facility is nice with good lighting. Here’s a couple pictures I took before I left Wednesday.

VKMN-016 (2)

VKMN-016 (1)

I had some free time on Thursday, as I had hoped, to go check out the Mall of America. Holy cow! Does that thing have it’s own zip code? I didn’t really know what to expect so I went with no specific plans. I just wandered around for a couple hours trying not to get lost. Open-mouthed smile The only purchase I made was a vinyl record cleaning kit I picked up in Barnes & Noble. I have been meaning to get one, so when I spotted one, I grabbed it.

The rest of the day I hung out in my room watching concert DVD’s and knitting. I also started watching Stranger Things on Netflix. One of my sons-in-law recommended it to me because I read Stephen King and he thought I might like it. It is pretty good actually. I got that whole chart 3 done on the Talise shawl, which means only one chart to go. That works out to 32 rows though so there is still a fair bit of knitting left.


Okay I better close and get my gear ready for the day. See you later.