Time to Catch Up but Not For Long

I am currently in Winchester, VA. I spent two days home last week after returning from Yellow Springs, OH. I barely had time to catch up my laundry, restock some stuff in the trailer and pack my gear and it was time to make the drive to Virginia. The Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival was this past weekend. It’s a wonderful festival! The weather was great and the turnout was too. I was very excited that I got to have a visit with my friend Dee of Dee O’Keefe Designs. I missed seeing her for a few years and it was so good to catch up. If you’ve been enjoying many of the shawls I have knit here on the blog you should check out her lovely website and pick up a few of your favorites.

I wish I had thought at the time to get a picture of us, but alas I did not. I do have a few booth shots if you’re not completely bored of seeing them by now.

So I have four days this week before heading to my next festival in Orange, VA for the Fall Fiber Festival. I decided that today was to be a rest day. Well sort of, I had some website/inventory records to catch up, and some bookkeeping tasks. I don’t like to let those things get behind. So, I set up my work area and did that this afternoon.

Before I started my work though I had a few other things I wanted to do this morning. I started my laundry while I was having my coffee and breakfast. Then I drove to the Walmart to get some more provisions for the week and gas up the truck.

Before heading back to the room to make a big salad and tuna sandwich for lunch, I took my truck in for a nice wash. It was dirty from all the driving and the fairgrounds.

That’s better! I do love a nice clean truck don’t you?

I’m not sure what else I will do for my other three days before setting up my booth again on Friday. I may just mostly hang out here and do some reading and knitting. That’s actually a pretty nice idea to me. My knitting progress on the Gridiron Sock is coming along slowly but surely. I turned the heel and started the gusset decreases last night. It’s up above in the picture of my work desk. I’ll let you know if I do anything worthy of a post before I go home. Have a great week!