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2012 08 30_1695.JPG

Here’s the start of my Leaf and Twig. I was dreading the cast on of 473 stitches for the middle size, but using stitch markers as I cast on helped. I knew that the stitch repeats were 16 stitches each so once I had right number of those in between the edging stitches I was ready to go. It helped for me to do it this way since I lose count way too many times trying to do it without any markers.

2012 08 30_1696.JPG

The set up row took awhile to get done because of the cast on edging since there are some k3tog’s. I got through that row and one wrong side row before I quit for the night. I think this will be a fun knit. The lace looks easy to read while you work and it’s not too difficult to memorize as you go along. Then when you get to the garter and short row part at the top it should really zip along, right?

2012 08 30_1700.JPG

I also finished the project for Anne in the Organic Cotton and it is on it’s way to her as we speak. I can’t wait to see this on Baby Knitspot for the photo shoot. :-)