Teresa Rose and Kitchen Update

On the drive home from south Georgia Monday Joanie finished Teresa Rose but I only just got it blocked last night. We used two skeins of Classic Merino Superwash Sock yarn in the color Azure.

TeresaRose (2)

The texture of the twisted knit stitches are the highlight of the piece and that is why we chose to use the firmer twist of the Superwash Sock rather than the Merino Bamboo.

TeresaRose (3)

Those points are striking too aren’t they?

TeresaRose (5)

I am not sure the pictures quite do it justice because it is very lovely in person. It is a good size for wearing around the shoulders or as a scarf.

TeresaRose (1)

In other news, we have made a bit of progress on the kitchen. The upper cabinet doors are done but not attached yet and the upper boxes are all painted too.

kitchen remodel (2)

kitchen remodel (3)

Here are the larger cabinet doors ready for hardware and hanging.

kitchen remodel (1)

Here’s the hardware we picked and I am very pleased with how they look on the doors.

kitchen remodel (4)

We should be ready to hang these pretty soon. Jerry may get that done this weekend while we are in Yellow Springs, OH for the Wool Gathering.

kitchen remodel (5)