Back in Schaumburg

Hey everyone! I am currently in my hotel room having a little bit of down time before I head over to the Renaissance Convention Center for the opening market day at Stitches Midwest 2016.

I drove up and set up the booth on Tuesday and Wednesday.

StitchesMW2016 (9)

StitchesMW2016 (1)

StitchesMW2016 (3)

StitchesMW2016 (8)

I ended up needing to go shoe shopping on Wednesday afternoon after I finished getting the booth ready because the strap on my sandals broke while I was working and it was the only pair of shoes I brought. They were the Crocs I had bought when I was here a couple years ago. I loved those shoes so I went back to the Croc store in Woodfield Mall and got something similar.

08-04-16 (7)08-04-16 (8)

I also went out this morning after breakfast to my favorite place to visit when I am here, the Half-Price Books store, which is just up the way from my hotel. I found a few things that I couldn’t resist. Smile

08-04-16 (1)

I have been knitting a little and have started the second sock and another newborn wool diaper cover.

08-04-16 (4)

08-04-16 (5)

I will be started a new lace project or two soon; more on that later. Bye for now!