Skyline Caverns

On the schedule for today’s outing, Skyline Caverns. Pictures from the last two entries are brought to you thanks to the photography skills of Meredith, which is why you see a couple with me in them. My camera got, ahem, misplaced yesterday somewhere along Skyline Drive, so Meredith was the only one with a camera except for my phone. I do use my phone frequently but hers came out better. I reported the loss to the Park HQ and it’s a long shot, but maybe it will be turned in. They will contact me if it turns up but I am not holding me breath.  New camera is on the one here thanks to Amazon and free Prime two-day shipping. Sigh.

Anyway, so the caverns were a nice little diversion so let’s get to the pictures, shall we?

2011 09 27_2430.JPG

He couldn’t quite figure out what animal sound would represent this creature. It was so cute when he was moo-ing and baa-ing. LOL!

2011 09 27_2478.JPG

These are Anthodite Clusters which are according to our guide only known in one other North American cave, Carlsbad Caverns.

2011 09 27_2477.JPG

More of those in the 61 room. These were very cool! It was one of my favorite parts of the tour.

2011 09 27_2475.JPG

More anthodites.

2011 09 27_2472.JPG

This was my other favorite section called the Fairyland Lake.

2011 09 27_2469.JPG2011 09 27_2468.JPG

2011 09 27_2462.JPG

I think this was the part called the Painted Desert room

2011 09 27_2453.JPG

This is the Rainbow Trails section, I think.

2011 09 27_2447.JPG

2011 09 27_2445.JPG

2011 09 27_2443.JPG

2011 09 27_2441.JPG

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