More festival highlights

2012 05 13_1178.JPG

More highlights from the Shepherd’s Harvest Festival 2012. We arrived home yesterday afternoon after a two drive. We had a great show and thank all who make it such an awesome event. It was worth the trip once again.

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I am, and will remain for the next month or two,  busier than a one-armed paper hanger, so the posts may be sporadic and more pictures than text for awhile.

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My son like most boys, was completely taken with all the machinery. I am told he dragged the girls from one to the next all afternoon.

2012 05 13_1170.JPG

2012 05 13_1144_edited-1.JPG

I hope the grounds keepers didn’t mind him exploring. LOL!

2012 05 13_1143.JPG

Oh my. Whatever is he thinking at this moment?

2012 05 13_1137.JPG

I always get a chuckle from how alpacas look after a fresh shearing. I wonder if they are glad or humiliated? LOL!

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I’ll try to have some knitting next time and maybe brief report on the book I am reading right now. See my Goodreads widget above and to the right. BTW if you are on there please feel welcome to friend me. Smile