At the Summit

We decided that after having a somewhat leisurely breakfast that today would be a good day to go hiking in the Shenandoah National Park.

2011 09 26_2260.JPG

Joanie and I did a little grocery shopping again while Meredith packed lunch and we set out for the afternoon.


We decided, upon asking at the visitor’s center for recommendations, that the Stony Man Trail was a good place to start. With a toddler in tow we needed something on the easy and short side and preferred to have a site to see as a payoff. The Stony Man Trail leads to a view at a peak height of 4010 ft. Cool!

2011 09 26_2165.JPG

2011 09 26_2252.JPG

As we are driving the 42 miles down Skyline Drive we were encountering lots of fog and thought, hmm, this may be less than spectacular since we are going up into the clouds. We continued optimistically thinking maybe it will clear up. Could happen right?

2011 09 26_2173.JPG

2011 09 26_2162.JPG

2011 09 26_2168.JPG

It was needless to say still drizzly and foggy at the parking area, but hey, we were there and darn it we were going to hike! So off we set.

2011 09 26_2171.JPG

It was a little chilly but once we started walking and got the blood pumping it was not bad. The walk was really pretty short and before we knew it we had reached the overlook. 2011 09 26_2181.JPG

Yeah. That was the big payoff. LOL! 2011 09 26_2183.JPG

2011 09 26_2180.JPG

Oh well, it was good exercise and it was better than hanging out in the hotel.

2011 09 26_2186.JPG

2011 09 26_2196.JPG

2011 09 26_2199.JPG

2011 09 26_2207.JPG

2011 09 26_2219.JPG

2011 09 26_2225.JPG

2011 09 26_2269.JPG

Plans for the next two days are Skyline Caverns and a trip to Maryland to see family and maybe make a trek into DC to go to the Smithson Museum of Natural History.