Shawl progress and some new website additions

When I last wrote we were still in Pittsburgh. We made it home with no further problems on Monday. I was concerned about the winter weather that was forecast for that Sunday night and into Monday, but fortunately for us the line stayed to the south of our route home. I was resigned to waiting another night in Pittsburgh if I woke up to snow but that didn’t happen. I checked the weather conditions online along my route through West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky and all looked good, and it was. Man, I hope that is it for this year. I am leaving for Irving, TX on Wednesday of this coming week for my first time vending at the DFW Fiber Festival and the forecast so far looks promising. :-)

So on to the shawl progress updates. I am past the halfway point on the edging for Holbrook and am hoping to get it done in time to block it for showing at the festival.



Cassie has also started the edging on Catoctin and I really love the border pattern with that pretty cable and lace.



Tristano is coming along nicely. Joanie is on the third chart I think and doing quite well with it.


My favorite detail on this shawl so far is the center slipped stitch between the decreases.


And last but certainly not least is Kyla’s progress on Nadira. After this picture was taken she hit a snag which I tried to fix last night. I had been working on the website all day adding new stuff and updating and I am afraid my nerves where a bit frazzled. I ended up throwing the poor thing (the shawl not Kyla) across the room. I am sure I can go back to it fresh today and find the error now that I have time to recharge my batteries for tedious tasks. :-)


Oh and here’s what I was adding to the website. These are the new Leather Bowls we are making and debuted at the Pittsburgh festival. These are just a few of my favorites. Meredith made 12 designs in all that we have listed on the website. I also finally got some more nostepinnes added and I am working on adding Dee O’Keefe’s patterns today.