Shawl Knitting Update


On Friday I finished the knitting on Bermuda Triangle Shawl and started winding the yarn for my next two projects. More on that in a minute. I had wondered if the blocking would take care of the puckering where the dark blue slipped stitches for the vertical stripes, especially at the center where they meet, and it did. It came out perfect!


I soaked and blocked it on Saturday and wore it most of the day on Sunday. It is the perfect size to wear as a scarf, using just over 100 g of Classic Merino Superwash Sock which is a light fingering weight yarn. I had a partial ball of the Midnight Blue and a full skein of the Atlantic. I have 30 g left of the full skein and used 40 g total of the Midnight Blue.


Now on to what I am going to be working on for the next little while. First on the needles while I awaited the pattern for the other, was Iolanthe. This and the other shawl below are Dee O’Keefe’s designs, whom you may remember offers me excellent pattern support for my yarns. I am thrilled to have here patterns in my line and love knitting my way through here catalog. Smile


I am using the same yarn for this and the one below as I just used for the Bermuda Triangle. For Iolanthe I chose Amethyst since the motif is reminiscent of violets. Purple seemed appropriate and you rarely have to twist my arm to get me to knit with purple. Smile

I had a few hiccups in getting going, having to rip out the first chart 2x before I got it going right (just me making bonehead mistakes). It is going fine now and I made good progress over the weekend. I am on the 5th of 10 repeats of Chart 2 which is only 4 rows each repeat.

culpeper black background 034 1500spring green shawl 0612000 square.3

This is what I will be casting on for soon but in a different shade of green. It is Dee’s latest release using my Classic Merino Superwash Sock yarn, she used Peridot and I am using Golden Olive. These pictures were given to me by Dee of the sample she made and I think it is just gorgeous! Culpeper Shawl is a half circle shawl and I am very excited about starting mine. I love this shape and the stitch patterns look fun to work.  I will probably have a start to show you of mine next time. Bye for now!