Holiday weekend knitting

2011 12 29_3073.JPG

I took a little break from sock knitting over the holiday weekend to work on a project which I meant to make last fall when Elijah was a baby. I cam across the Baby Owl Vest on Ravelry last year when he was born and planned to make it but you know how that goes. I did some measuring and calculating and decided it might still fit without doing any revisions since he is a little guy.

I had planned on making it with some navy blue yarn but was in doubt as to whether I had enough. Now I also had 5 skeins of some light green in the same yarn, which was way more than enough, so the plan was to make it in the green and weigh it to see if the blue, which I had 80 g of, would be enough. If it turned out that after knitting the green one that it was too small, I planned to gift it and make a larger one for Elijah. Of course that was going to require a third yarn choice, but we can handle that right?

So anyway, the green one weighed 68 g so we are good to go for the navy one. It’s just big enough for Elijah but if he gets a growth spurt it won’t fit for long. The upside is that it is so quick to knit, it won’t be a big deal to whip up a larger version when that happens, so I cast on for another in the blue yarn.

Sorry that the color is a little off in this picture. The one above is closer to the real color of the green. The blue is also darker. Oh and the yarn is Valley Yarns Valley Superwash DK from Webs. Very nice yarn that washes up very soft. I have used it a couple times for baby clothes.

2011 12 29_3063.JPG

It is so adorable on him and he wears it without complaints. It must be because it doesn’t have sleeves to get in the way. He wore it all day when I put it on him. Vests are perfect for layers on babies and this one is really cute too. I like to use dk or lighter yarn for babies to so that is another plus for this pattern.