Finishing Touches

It is down to the finishing touches on the Organic Cotton Sport Classic Baby Cardigan. I finished the knitting this morning and took this shot before I wove in the ends and put on the buttons.


I did those tasks while doing school with the children and the sweater is as we speak washing in a delicate cycle. I will show you the blocked results next time.

It is perfectly on gauge and measures exactly 21” at the chest. I used just under 120g of yarn which calculates to about 336 yards for this size. I padded the yardage requirements on my patterns by about 10% so it is using about the same yardage for the cotton as it did for the merino wool I designed it with. I wasn’t sure that would work out but I am happy that it did.

That’s it for today. Final pictures to come, probably tomorrow. Have a great weekend!