That’s more like it!

2012 04 02_0820.JPG

As I predicted in my last post, I did in fact cast on the Classic Baby Cardigan (also available by Ravelry download) on Saturday afternoon. I tried in vain to resist and make myself work on the Gemini. This yarn is the leftover skein from my Sweet Tea; the Classic Merino Sport in Berry for the main color and the stripes are my samples of the two new colors we dyed last week, Peridot and Tiger Lily. They should be in the shop later this week or maybe early next week.

I needed to knit with colorful wool. The initial lure of the natural colored cotton and wool blend dissipated after I began to suspect that the fit of the sweater was going to be a disappointment in that yarn. I don’t like knitting with cotton very much under the best circumstances, but I thought this would be different. Why did I think that? No clue really. New project lure can be a powerful and tricksy mistress. 

2012 04 02_0821.JPG

Speaking of new projects, I think the yarn you see above will also be on the needles soon too. I don’t know exactly what it wants to be yet. It’s a possible new base we may be adding sometime later this year. It’s a 100% super wash Merino wool which is a DK weight. It will have 247 yards to a 100 g skein. It should knit at 5-5 1/2 stitches to the inch on a 6-7 needle. That’s where I plan to start anyway.

I dyed it up in an experimental green we may also use next year. I like green a lot. Smile Does it show?

So, I have almost 750 yards of this yarn and am on the look out for something to do with it. Any suggestions?

I am enjoying the new Stephen King, 11/22/63, immensely. I am already about 45% of the way through it. It’s almost 700 pages too, so that should tell you something. It helps that I have both the e-book and the audiobook. That means I can take advantage of more opportunities to “read”. I listened to a chapter while grocery shopping this morning, for example. Now, that’s one thing that they couldn’t have done in 1958. Smile