First stop in Chicago

We arrived safely and uneventfully in Chicago on Wednesday afternoon. We spent the morning and early afternoon on Thursday getting the booth ready. For the rest of the afternoon we went to lunch at Panera and then we went to the Barnes and Noble. Cassie did some shopping and I just got out my Nook and did some reading while sipping on a Green Tea Lemonade. Yummy.

MWFAF 2014 (1)

MWFAF 2014 (3)

So now on to some new knitting projects. First up is two that I am working on.

You have seen the up-sized Sorrel but it is around 7” now so here it is again.


My other project is one of Dee O’Keefe’s new designs called Mayapple. Check my Ravelry profile for the pattern link and details. It is written for a fingering weight yarn and we are planning a second version of it in our Merino Bamboo, but I wanted to see what it looked like in a lighter weight so I am using my Classic Merino Lace in a bold color, Tiger Lily.


I started it on size 5 needles but I ripped it out and went down to size 4 and like the fabric much better.

Joanie is working on another of Dee’s new designs called Theresa Rose. We are using Classic Merino Superwash Sock in the color Azure. She started on size 5 needles and after taking this picture I decided that the stitch definition required for the twisted stitches was too loose. It needed to be ripped and re-knit on size 4 needles like my Mayapple. Hey, it happens right? So this is the first version and I will show you the restarted one when I get home in mid-August unless I can get here to take one and email it to me.


Last but not least is Cassie’s project, Glenallen,  which is another Lace weight one in the color Garnet. The color is deeper than this shows. The lace work in this shawl is intricate and lovely. Can’t wait to see it full size.