Dye day II

I spent Monday morning grocery shopping and other necessary chores. In the afternoon I was back down I the dye studio mixing colors in preparation for dyeing the semi-solids.  2012 07 23_1470.JPG

I have a a system of Excel spreadsheets to keep track of my color mixes. When I am ready to mix dye stock and mix colors from that, I only have to plug in the values, print out my information and get to work.

2012 07 23_1471_edited-1.JPG

I start that process by weighing out the dye powder on my triple beam balance scale. (I forgot to get a picture of this step, and besides I have to wear a respirator and gloves which makes handling the camera difficult.) Then I need to mix 1% solutions of the primaries I mix from. The next step is actually mixing my colors from my recipes. While I was doing all this Meredith and the other girls spent the afternoon getting the yarn ready so we could be all ready to go on Tuesday morning.

2012 07 24_1449_edited-1.JPG

I like to listen to music or an audiobook while I am working.  Here’s a “lovely” self portrait of me with my iPod. :-)

2012 07 24_1450_edited-1.JPG

I went out after breakfast and put the yarn in to soak while getting the pots set up for the days’ work. We decided to set them up under the trees for a change where it would be shady for most of the day since the heat index is in the triple digits this week. It did help so we will probably keep doing that. It is only a few steps farther from the water and worth it for the shade. 2012 07 24_1445.JPG

We had the first batch in the pots by about 10:30 or so.

2012 07 24_1446.JPG

After the cooking process we put the yarn out on tables to rinse. We have an old washing machine in the studio for spinning out the excess water. This helps the yarn to dry faster and also gets all the processing water out.

2012 07 24_1452_edited-1.JPG

I know you have seen our drying lines before so it’s nothing new, but here’s some anyway. I just love seeing the lines full of freshly dyed yarn and can’t resist the temptation to take pictures of it. So here you go. :-)

2012 07 24_1453.JPG

2012 07 24_1454.JPG

2012 07 25_1444.JPG

2012 07 24_1457.JPG

2012 07 25_1443.JPG

2012 07 24_1455.JPG

2012 07 25_1442.JPG

2012 07 25_1441.JPG

2012 07 25_1440.JPG

2012 07 25_1438.JPG

2012 07 25_1437.JPG

2012 07 24_1456.JPG

Thanks for indulging me with your patience with all the pictures. Nerd smile 

To finish off this post here’s a few adorable pictures of Elijah from yesterday.

2012 07 24_1460_edited-1.JPG

2012 07 24_1462_edited-1.JPG

2012 07 24_1461_edited-1.JPG

I should have a knitting progress report next time.