Break Time is Over


This is the only picture I took over the holiday gatherings. This is my grand daughter Pandora. She is eight months old now. I can’t believe I didn’t take more pictures. We had all of our Nashville family over for Christmas Day and some of them came over on New Years Day also to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Break time is officially over now. We have resumed school and I have dyeing work to complete this week. I did some of it yesterday but the weather turned off wicked cold today and it’s getting colder for the rest of the weekend so I am waiting until Monday to finish the remainder of the order.


I have gotten quite a good piece of the knitting done on my sweater. I have finished both sleeves and the back. I cast on the left front last night while watching season 2 of Sherlock. I wanted to re-watch everything before watching the first installment of Season 4. I am starting season 3 tonight. It’s about the only “TV” I watch.


I prefer reading or listening to music to watching TV or movies, although I do like to watch a well made movie based on a classic book too. It’s good for knitting by. Smile  I have been on a classics kick lately. I have been working through a Great Courses audiobook on American Literature which has been very interesting and prompting me to re-read some classics and try a few I had passed over up until now like the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. I am to the lectures on Nathaniel Hawthorne at the moment. He has spent a lot of time on The Scarlet Letter which I have read a couple times. I may read it again or I am thinking about reading The House of Seven Gables since I only read it once quite a while ago.

My oldest son also bought me a boxed set (books) of The Game of Thrones. He has tried to get me to read this series for awhile but I have been hesitant due to me knowing what the HBO series is like. I will probably give it a shot since he swears it’s not as graphic in the books and besides it’s easy to skim over that stuff if you choose when you are reading. Anyone read these? Yea or nay? What did you think of them if you read them?