Finally home

Sorrel-Ladies-complete (1)

It took a few days to get caught up as always when I returned from 12 days on the road but I am finally ready to show you some pictures of the ladies size Sorrel top. Oh and yeah, what are your thoughts on the idea of changing the name for the larger sized version? Sorrel II? maybe I should name it for Lillah, my third granddaughter? Or what about Heather? (my daughter and Sorrel’s mom). Something else? Help! I am terrible at names, LOL!

Sorrel-Ladies-complete (3)

At first, before I blocked it, I tried it on and was unsure if I even liked it. I remained hopeful though since you should never judge a hand knit before a proper wet block. I was definitely not disappointed either. I am very pleased with the fit now and boy does this yarn feel great to wear. I am still wearing it while I am writing this post. :-) It is so soft and silky and light.

Sorrel-Ladies-complete (7)

Before I blocked it the measurement was small for the expected size but it easily blocked out to size without any excessive stretching. I didn’t even use any pins or wires. I simply put it in the washing machine for a hand wash cycle and laid it flat to dry on my bed. Only took about 6-8 hours to dry too.

Sorrel-Ladies-complete (2)

I am glad I lowered the neckline too. I was dubious even as I was binding it off that I had chosen right, but I am pleased with it.

So, I guess I had better get busy finalizing the pattern draft. I haven’t done a thing with it yet as I have tons of admin tasks to do also right now in addition to the household tasks. Soon though, promise. You will hear it here as soon as it is ready.


In other news, I am up to the second set of short rows on the body of my Chance of Showers cardigan. Also I have successfully upgraded the old laptop, which I am still using right now since the new one is still at least a week away from arriving, and it is going pretty good so far. I have noticed a few quirks with the touchpad, probably a driver, but I like it overall.

Okay I will sign off for now. Talk to you again soon!

What Next?

Stitches Midwest 2015 is over for another year and I have a couple days off, so what to do?

I finished the ladies Sorrel on Sunday and I hesitate to show it to you unblocked but since here it is. I am waiting until I get home to wash and block it since I have only coin operated washers here at the hotel and it will be better handled at home. So, this is the best I can do for now. It will be much improved from a good blocking.


So while I should be working on the pattern write up, and I will get to that soon, instead I picked back up my Summer Showers and started the right sleeve. :-)


What else am I doing with my time here in Schaumburg? Well boring and geeky person that I am I first attempted to upgrade to Windows 10 since that came through over the weekend.


I was able to get that done in a little over an hour yesterday morning BUT in the end spent many more hours trying unsuccessfully to find a workable driver for my Intel HD Integrated Graphics. I tried searching at Intel and Toshiba in Safe Mode with Networking but so far nothing for sure that will work. From what I could see of Windows 10 around the difficulty of a annoyingly flickering screen and barely responsive navigation (except for Task Manager which I could get up using CTRL_ALT_DEL), I am looking forward to it on the new computer I ended up ordering from Toshiba Direct. My current laptop is basically fine but it is 5 years old and I have been planning to upgrade this year anyway. This just convinced me it was time. Kyla will probably be getting this one later this month. :-) Oh, and I was pretty painlessly able to roll back to Windows 7 for any one out there who wanted to know. I wouldn’t have even attempted it this week if I didn’t know that was an option.

So yesterday afternoon I decided to get out of the room for a bit. There is a Half Price Books just down the road that I always hit a time of two while I am here. Not too much damage was done but I found a few vinyls and a CD.


I think I’ll head out to Woodfield Mall just to get out of the room this morning while I am running a backup of my computer in preparation for my sweet new machine coming soon after I get home. Can’t wait! See you later.

Getting There


Well I have done the first decrease on the yoke and it should move along much more quickly now. I don’t have much time to write more today since I am making final preparations for my trip to Chicago tomorrow. I will post soon from Stitches Midwest.