I am plugging away at the ladies Sorrel design. I have completed the stitch pattern section in the yoke and am adding some more length before I do the first decrease round.


I am still not totally decided on how deep to go for the overall yoke since I feel like I want to make it more shallow than the original. I definitely won’t be adding the back button detail since that is not needed since it is not going over baby heads. :-)

I will probably knit this for about another inch or so and then work the decrease. I just don’t want to make the mistake of a narrowing the yoke to soon and making the underarm area pull under stress. I am loosely following EZ’s percentage system for proportions here but since my neck treatment will be different than a traditions sweater that is my concern for getting it right and not wasting valuable knitting time by having to rip back.

In other news, we celebrated another birthday here yesterday. It was Kyla’s 16th. She got her presents early. She wanted a copy of Go Set a Watchman which we pre-ordered and received on release day. She opted not to wait and read it that day. She liked it better than I did. I was meh on it, maybe 3 stars; She gave it 3 and a half. Her other presents were a soundtrack CD she requested and a new pair of headphones. Don’t happen to have pictures of the presents but I did take take some with the cake. She insisted on making it herself and it was yummy. :-)

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