Shawl updates

We are in Pittsburgh for the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Show and the boy has the weather been crazy. We left a day earlier than we planned, on Tuesday in sunny 70 degree temperatures to arrive ahead of the polar vortex expected on Wednesday. I didn’t want to drive through potentially high winds and snow with plummeting temperatures. So, that meant we had a day of down time in the hotel on Wednesday, which I made good use of. I got the body of my Holbrook done and moved on to the border. I am about one third of the way on it now.


Sorry for the color which is a bit washed out in this one. Hotel rooms aren’t usually the best for photography.


This one is a bit better.

Cassie is with me and is on the last set of repeats before the edging. You will have to wait on updates for the others since they are home. :-)


So this is how it looked outside yesterday morning before we went over to set up the booth.


The snow didn’t accumulate the 2-4” that were expected but man was it ever COLD. The temperature was about 10 degrees with a wind chill of –5. By the time we drove over to the venue it was warmer but not much. My fingers were numb after only about 5-10 minutes of unloading the trailer. We had to go in several times to thaw.

Finally we had everything in the booth and after a quick lunch break we started the arranging. It took us forever, 6 hours in all, to get it all done including the unloading. By the time we left we were tired and hungry again so I completely forgot to take any pictures. I will take a few today when we get to the booth so look for another post soon.

Got to run for now. I need to get my gear ready for the day. Market opens at 12:00 pm.