Blizzard Knitting

Blizzard of Jan.2016 (3)

Nashville got slammed pretty hard on Friday with 9” of snow, which I am fairly certain was not what they were expecting. I had seen the Winter Storm Warnings and we knew something would happen but not THIS much.

Blizzard of Jan.2016 (6)

This is the largest snowfall we have seen since 1996 I believe. We are in the mid 40’s finally today (Monday) and while there is a lot of melting going on, there is still snow on the ground a few inches deep.

Blizzard of Jan.2016 (7)

I took all these pictures on Friday while it was still coming down in buckets. It snowed all day and into the evening.

Blizzard of Jan.2016 (1)

It’s good thing I had finished Elijah’s hat on Thursday because he sure got some use out of it. Smile 

elijah's-earflap-hat (3)

I took these pictures the day before the blizzard. He likes it and wears it with no complaints. Smile

elijah's-earflap-hat (1)

elijah's-earflap-hat (2)

So on Thursday I still hadn’t decided what big project to start so I cast on a Honey Cowl to tide me over. While I was knitting on this on Thursday night an idea started formulating in my mind.

honeycowl (2)

I have been thinking of doing kits with my yarn and patterns and Bocce is a perfect one to try this out. I will give you more details on that when I have it all worked out and in the mean time I have started knitting the booth sample. Briefly, I am using my Classic Merino Superwash Sock yarn and it will take one full skein of Bare and five 25g mini skeins in five custom dyed colors.

Bocce-Shawl (2)

I cast this on my needles on Saturday morning and have completed the first half of the rows. It goes really fast. Now, the rows are getting longer of course so the second half will be slower but I already have all five colors worked the first time through. You repeat these five colors again and then do a simple edging in the Bare. I am very happy with how it is coming out.

Hope all of you who were also in the path of the storm are getting dug out by now too. Stay warm!