Almost Groundhog Day

2012 01 30_0282.JPG

Well that was fun. No, really it was. Don’t let my attempt at artsy self portraiture led you to the conclusion that I am anything but thrilled with it. 2012 01 30_0281.JPG

It was so fun in fact that I cast on right away for another infinity scarf; Mindy Wilke’s Sweet Tea2012 01 30_0262.JPG

Actually I plan to make the Slouch hat to match since I bought the set when she had a sale running on her blog recently.  I knew it would be perfect in my Classic Merino Sport and my hope is that this hat will be wearable on my silly little pea-head. I know I will love the scarf at least. 2012 01 30_0258.JPG

Back to the Pei; I took a pre-blocked picture 2012 01 29_0290.JPG

but it didn’t change tremendously afterwards other than the design opening up more and the edges smoothing out. It also softened some, but it wasn’t scratchy to me to begin with. 2012 01 30_0243.JPG

I like this yarn quite a bit and would use it again without hesitation. It would be great for a light weight sweater for spring.  I can see this as fingerless gloves too since it doesn’t look like it will pill too easily. 2012 01 30_0245.JPG

Remember a little while back we were talking about winter blahs? With Groundhog Day only a few days away, I am betting for the prediction of an early spring. We have had a very mild winter here in Middle Tennessee, albeit on the wet and gray side. We have had some nice sunny days since my birthday and we have been taking opportunities to get outside and do some neglected chores like washing the trucks, 2012 01 30_0266.JPG

working in the shop, 2012 01 30_0287.JPG

2012 01 30_0285.JPG

2012 01 30_0286.JPG

and enjoying the daffodils. 2012 01 30_0264_edited-1.JPG

Yes, they are up and blooming about 5 weeks early. I hope the poor dears don’t get a blast of winter, like usually tends to happen when they bloom this early. We usually see their sweet faces by the first of March, but late January is early even for here. Is it too optimistic to hope that winter is really gone? Probably. But that won’t stop me.

That’s Meredith up there working on the lathe. She has been making our Shawl Pins for going on six years now, and has this year taken over the Darning Egg and Nostepinne production as well.  darning-egg-collage-1-28-12.jpg

She just finished some new eggs and is working on more Nostepinnes for Pittsburgh. Pretty huh? Smile