Spring is definitely here

I found the perfect  use for my Cestari Heather Collection since I decided I didn’t like how the Gemini was working up. Yes, that is past tense. I frogged it the other day. So, what is the new project you wonder? The new Cinnie cardigan by Bonne Marie Burns. I think the Cestari yarn will be a better fit for this sweater. I will need another skein, but that’s not a problem. I haven’t cast on for it yet, but I have the pattern and it’s in the queue.

2012 04 13_0933.JPG

I am finished with the body of the baby sweater and have started the first sleeve. I am a little doubtful of my yarn supply. I should have enough, but it will be close.

I am itching to cast on a little pair of fingerless mitts in some lace weight. Have you seen Anne Hanson’s new ones? I am trying to be “good” and finish the stuff I have going first but these would make for  perfect booth knitting at Stitches South next weekend, yes? I just need to decide what color to use…hmm. Should I use a semi-solid or a hand paint? What would you choose?

If you clicked through, you may have noticed that all the new colors are now on the website. Knitting Notions new  yarn colors for 2012

You may also have seen a new section called Limited Editions. I have explained what this is in more detail on my recent Newsletter. Knitting Notions Limited Edition colors

To summarize though, what you will occasionally find there are offerings from our dye pots that are not repeatable. If you are old enough to remember Bob Ross you will also recall that he said there are no mistakes with art, just "happy accidents". What he meant is that sometimes things don’t go as you planned but they are still pretty. Often we are experimenting to formulate new colors and have extras in color ways that aren’t quite what we were going for. Other times I make make mistakes when mixing formulas and they are slightly off from the color I was intending to mix. Anything like that can show up here. All the skeins are free from defect, but aren’t part of our regular repeatable palette. We mark them down a little to sweeten the deal. :-)

Oh, I almost forgot about something I was going to share with you until I was uploading the pictures from my SD card. You have probably noticed the large playhouse/tower in our backyard. 05 19 11_home and shop_1118.JPG

Jerry built that about 9 years ago, and it gets used quite a bit. It’s a great place to go read.  Which is why I was surprised when we found this in it.

2012 04 11_0936.JPG

At first there was only one egg. I thought the bird had left that one and then thought “What was I thinking?” and abandoned the poor thing.

2012 04 11_0939.JPG

To my astonishment it returned and there were two, then three! I hope they will continue to attend their family despite our presence. We’ll keep you updated on the progress. Smile 

2012 04 11_0940.JPG