Done but Not Quite Finished

culpepercomplete-preblocking (1)

I went only two days over three weeks in completing this project, and that is still a record breaker for me. Yay me!

It certainly doesn’t look like much at this stage though does it? But just you wait…the blocking will bring it all out. I can’t say I am relishing the process of that however. A semi-circle doesn’t lend itself very well to blocking wires, at least not the set I have. I only have 30 or 40 T-pins which is plenty for using wires but I can only use those across the top edge. I will have to make a quick run to Joann’s for more T-pins before I can block this. The only thing that is motivating me to do the job is seeing the finished product. It’s kind of like labor isn’t it? The only way to the end is the pain of going through it. Smile

I am at this moment utterly bereft of any knitting. Nothing is on the needles and I haven’t picked a definite next project. I have plenty of ideas mind you, but can’t settle on any of them. Elijah needs a new hat, so that may be a quick interim project while I mull my options. Main contenders are a few more shawls, but I am sort of itching to do a sweater just for me. I haven’t done one in quite awhile and it’s been ages since I made myself something that wasn’t for the booth. Stay tuned for an update on this soon and of course for the amazing transformation of Culpeper Shawl.

A Shawl in Three Weeks?

After a long holiday break I have made much progress on the Culpeper Shawl that I started just a few days before Christmas.

Culpeperinprogress (1)

I know it’s not a great picture, but it’s kind of cold outside so I took what I could get. At least the sun is out today.

When last I posted I had completed the first three charts and was prepared to do the last increase and the last three charts, which I have done over the holidays and am now doing the border edging which is super easy and fast. I am about 25% done with it in just the few days I have worked on it in the evenings. I can’t believe I am this close to completing a lace shawl that I started only 16 days ago. Unheard of!

CulpeperShawlWIP (2)

Here’s a reminder of where I was before Christmas.

I can’t wait to get this finished and see how it looks blocked out. It really doesn’t look that impressive right now since the lace work is pretty open and will need the stretching to open it up. I think the increase method plays into it as well. It will need a much more aggressive blocking that I usually do to work it’s magic.

When this comes off the needles I will have nothing going. I had better look through my queue and make a decision about what comes next. Can you stand the suspense? Smile