Some knitting and a change in the weather

sticks and stones vest back-2.JPG

The Sticks and Stones vest back is off the needles. It blocked out to the right size so that’s good. It took me 5 weeks to knit. That sounds like a long time doesn’t it? I guess if you only get an hour or so of knitting time a day….

sticks and stones vest back-6.JPG

I saw the new pattern Anne released last week on her blog and being a sucker for fingerless mitts, knew they were going on  the needles. I proceeded to the Ecobutterfly Organics website and bought a skein or three, so I would have a good sampling of colors to choose from since I couldn’t decided which ones I liked best.

pakucho cotton lace trio-2.JPG

I settled on the Deep Green for the first pair and cast on last night. The color is more accurate in the skein above. It’s the green one on the bottom left.

There is something surreal about knitting lace late at night while listening to Metallica. :-) And no I don’t think it was the cause of what was to follow. Read on….

cast on sweet tea mitts-3.JPG

I was having some fiddly moments getting the setup round going with the combination of very thin, inelastic yarn combined with four slippery double pointed needles. I debated switching to bamboo but the duller points would have made the double decreases in the first round more difficult. In any case, after a few tense moments and a few dirty words, I accomplished the round and it got better after that. I only had time to complete the first repeat of the border before I needed to quit for the night.

I do have one other knitting item to share with you. Before I cast on for the mitts I decided I would finish that pair of socks that only needed  2” on the second cuff to complete the pair.  Remember these?

wool cotton sock wip.JPG

They are being worn as I write this. :-) Yay for new socks!

finished wool cotton socks-3.JPG

The last week in Nashville could be best described as going from Phoenix to Seattle (only with more heat and humidity). It continued to rain off and on all week. Now I was thrilled for the rain. We really needed it, but man it has been steamy! Even though it is 15-20 degrees cooler now it somehow less comfortable. Oh well, anything is better than cold if you ask me. Summer is still my favorite season, warts and all.

refreshment after rains-3.JPG

At least everything is looking lively and green once again.  Now if it would just level off and find a happy medium so I could get some dyeing done…..

refreshment after rains-2.JPG