Glove Knitting Improvisation

The gloves are coming along as you can see.


I originally planned to leave the index finger open at the end on only one glove and stop at the last knuckle. When I got to that point on this first glove I changed my plan to knit the full length of the finger adding about a half an inch of ribbing to it. I am going to knit the second one to match, that way I can not only use both index fingers but they are interchangeable for either hand.


The main reason I usually knit finger less gloves and mitts is because it’s a pain to have to remove regular gloves to use my phone. This is my attempt at a compromise for those times when full gloves are called for by the weather. Here in Tennessee we have mild winters much of the time but do have days when it gets well below freezing and finger less gloves can be inadequate protection when you have to be out for long periods. Also I do several early spring shows up north and hope these will come in handy.