See it’s still a knitting blog after all

I think the knitting mojo has returned. I don’t want to jinx it but I have not only completed the Boneyard Shawl, but I bought yarn and started some new projects.

I will show you the shawl pictures first and then catch you up on the new project(s).

2013 09 08_4149_edited-1.JPG

I took the above picture in Wisconsin on Sunday. That was the only day conducive to wearing and hand knits since it was in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s the other days. It was unseasonably warm until Sunday when it felt more like Wisconsin in September rather than like Nashville, LOL!

2013 09 13_4164_edited-1.JPG

I took this one today after managing to get it suitably blocked. I am quite pleased with this casual scarf/shawl and am sure it will get much wear.

Okay, now on to the new stuff. I was web surfing and stumbled across this pattern. I was instantly smitten and knitters on my honor I had NO suitable wool in my stash! I know it’s hard to believe but true. I wanted to make one for each of the grand children and possibly one for Elijah as well. I rarely knit with wool that requires size 10 needles and that is part of the reason for the lack of supplies. Anyway they should knit up fairly quickly and that suits my fancy at the moment.  I ordered the yarn and needles from Webs and they arrived while I was in Wisconsin.

I started the smallest one a couple days ago and it’s pretty far along already.

2013 09 13_4154.JPG

I just have to knit the sleeves and the button bands. The button band is what really sets this sweater off and attracted me to it.

Do you remember me mentioning a new product in my last post? Well we have debuted them at Wisconsin Sheep & Wool and they will be on the website very soon.

2013 09 13_4169.JPG

Meredith has been working on these cool leather bracelets for several weeks and we are very excited about them. I have been wearing mine constantly.


Here is just a sampling from the booth display last weekend. She is selling them for $15 and I will let you know when I get them on the website. She has a selection of ones that have knitty phrases as well as more general loveliness for the non-knitters. These are would make great Christmas gifts.

I will leave you with some pictures of the booth in Wisconsin.








Next show is Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs, OH at Young’s Dairy. See you soon!