Sorrel and Festival preparations

2013 03 08_3517.JPG

I finished the dress a couple of days ago. I am very pleased with it. It came out exactly 20” at the chest as planned and I was envisioning it as a garment that would be roomy on a newborn but would fit for maybe the first six months or so rather than being immediately outgrown. I think I hit the mark on that but after seeing it I wondered if I shouldn’t add two additional sizes; one smaller and one larger. So then there would be a 19”, a 20”, and a 21” chest circumference. The smallest would probably be around a 0-3 months, the medium would be 6-12 months, and the largest about a 12-18 months. These are of course just estimates and I still think the medium would work for 0-12 months really, but it depends on the baby. I figure with size options the knitter can decide which will work best for their recipient. :-)

2013 03 08_3514.JPG

I spent a good part of the last two afternoons going through my pattern writing notes and doing all the math to add the additional sizes. Then I started the actual pattern writing and making the pattern stitch chart.I am including both a chart and the written directions for the stitch pattern. I am almost done but I have one last tricky math part to write where I divide for the back neck opening. I have decided that it needs to be a bit lower than I made in the prototype to allow a more generous opening.

2013 03 08_3510

So I should be done with the pattern in a day or two. I plan to finish up this afternoon, but I may need to hold off on the release until I have the additional sizes test knit for accuracy and yardage requirements. This medium size used exactly 75g of a full 100g skein of Classic Merino Bamboo. I hope the largest will take just about a full skein. Fingers crossed on that one. Oh I decided to call it Sorrel after my new granddaughter. There are lots of designs with that name on Ravelry but eh, so be it. :-)

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In addition to pattern writing we have also spent the last day or two getting the trailer restocked for our upcoming trip to Pittsburgh on Wednesday. The Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival has thankfully moved from Valentine’s Day weekend to St. Patrick’s Day weekend. It will be a return to cold weather for us since the forecast is right now calling for 30’s and 40’s for highs with some chances of snow showers. Surely it won’t get worse than that, right?

2013 03 08_3536.JPG

These are some of the new goodies we will have at the show.

2013 03 08_3529.JPG

These earrings made from leather and surgical steel posts, are another new creation which we don’t even have on the website yet and will be debuting at the Festival along with the Shawl Pin Rings and mini skeins of Classic Merino Sport.

2013 03 08_3526.JPG

Here’s another progress shot of the un-named wrap made in the Merino Sport that will start to see some action again now that the dress is done.

2013 03 08_3523_edited-1.JPG

Okay that’s it for now. I need to get out the door for church.