Saturday Post


It has been a busy week but I did squeeze in some knitting time and am ready to bind off the body and start the sleeves on the Organic Cotton Sport Classic Baby Cardigan. I planned to write a post several times during the week and it just didn’t happen. I have been getting tons of new stock in the trailer and doing some general changes to how I pack and how I will set up the booth. I will be doing the shows solo for the first time and felt like some streamlining of the system might be in order.

oofay-luke-07-2015 (1)

A part of the reason for the change is due to Meredith and Luke moving to Nome Alaska this week for at least two years. They both took some good job offers and are going to see how it goes. I miss them but am happy for them to have the opportunity and adventure. Why this affects my travel is that Meredith was the main one able to help out with some babysitting when it was needed at night. My oldest daughter still at home will be filling that role which means there is no one else to help me at shows. I know many vendors manage solo so I am not worried. There will be some inconveniences I am sure but it will work out.

oofay-luke-07-2015 (2)

I took these pictures on Wednesday when they came for a last good bye. They spent nearly all day Thursday in traveling but I got a text around midnight my time that they arrived safe and were getting settled in.

I bet they are enjoying the temperatures in Nome today at least. It is 51 degrees there right now and in the upper 90’s here with humidity in the low 100’s. I wouldn’t particularly want to trade places in about 5-6 months from now though.

A Bit of Progress


Organic Cotton Sport Classic Baby Cardigan progress is moving along pretty well. I am expecting it to take some of a second skein to make the medium but the first one still has quite a bit left at this point. I have been re-watching the X-Files on Netflix in the evening while I knit and sometimes I manage to get in an hour or two that way. I am sort of looking forward to the new episodes that are in the works but I don’t have my hopes too high that they will match the originals.

I wish you could feel how soft this yarn is. I don’t usually care for knitting with cotton yarns but this one is really nice. I pre-washed all the skeins so that the spinning oils have been removed to make it a bit more fluffy and soft.