Great Lakes Fiber show 2012

I hope you all aren’t getting bored with my booth updates. It’s about all I am doing lately so if I wasn’t sharing this I don’t know what else I would have to report, LOL!

2012 05 25_1202.JPG

We drove to Wooster, OH yesterday and went to the fairgrounds this morning to get the booth ready for the festival this weekend.

2012 05 25_1200.JPG

We have the luxury at this show of a nice roomy space to stretch out in. I love this show!

2012 05 25_1203.JPG

2012 05 25_1201.JPG

One of my favorite things about it is that here is where I first met Anne Hanson of Knitspot. I have enjoyed so much getting to know her and occasionally working together on designs using my yarns. She comes out to the festival every year and I enjoy seeing and visiting with her and her spinning group. Hopefully I can coerce her into a picture or two tomorrow if I remember. :-)

2012 05 25_1204.JPG

After we finished at the fairgrounds we headed to the Walmart for a few things and then to the hotel to have lunch.  After lunch the girls went to the pool while I got Elijah down for a nap.  I did a little reading and then got out my computer to write this post while I had a little quiet time.

2012 05 25_1209.JPG

Okay, here’s the oh so exciting knitting progress shot, LOL! Yep, I got the toe of the second sock done. That’s it. I seriously have almost zero knitting time right now. Well, I guess I could be knitting right now, but then there would be no blog post….

2012 05 25_1206.JPG

Okay that’s all for now. :-)

2012 05 25_1205_edited-1.JPG