Knitting Progress on Geogradients MKAL

Knitting MKAL Geogradient Clue 1

My quick update today is mainly about my knitting progress on my Geogradients MKAL shawl.

Knitting Geogradients MKAL

I have been focusing all my knitting time to this project since my last post. My poor Mingling Daisies shawl (Ravelry) has had no progress this week. I am enjoying the pattern for it’s variety of stitch patterns and I will get back to it soon. I am a bit obsessed at the moment, with getting caught up with the clue releases on my Geogradients shawl. (Ravelry)

Knitting MKAL Geogradient Clue 1

It also is perfect for booth knitting. I took this picture in my booth at SAFF this past weekend. The colors are more true here than in the next one below. At this point I was almost finished with clue 1. I am using the “updated” clue 1 because I joined late and missed the chance to use the original clue 1. I saw a couple of versions over the weekend that were knit with the original clue 1. I liked how they looked and saw nothing offensive about them, but this is what I have and I’m not starting over. It’s fine this way too, I think.

Knitting MKAL Geogradient Clue 2

This is where I am now, at the beginning of clue 2. I apologize for the slightly washed out colors here. I’ll try for better lighting when I post the next update. I think clue 2 will be a quick knit. I saw some of what clue 3 looks like and it gets really interesting. That is a great motivator to make quick progress so that I can see it in my colors. If only I could knit all day! Sigh.

SAFF 2023

As I said above, Geogradients is great for booth knitting. I was in Asheville, NC for the Southeast Animal Fiber Fair aka SAFF, this past weekend. We had good weather and a nice turnout. There are usually lulls between talking to customers, and having an easy project to work on at that time is perfect. I was able to show it off to lots of knitters, and many shared their project progress with me too. I love that!

You may notice that my Flames and Lace Shawl enjoyed a prominent place in the booth. It got a lot of attention and I sold a good amount of the Classic Merino Bamboo in the Ironstone color, for sure. So, it is earning its keep already. I wore my Saltarello (Ravelry) all weekend and it received many compliments as well.

Home Time and Knitting

I have only two more festivals this year, in November, but I have the next two weekends at home. I plan to help in the shop when I can as well as some home making tasks. Knitting on my Geogradients and Mingling Daisies shawls is my end of the work day relaxation and recharge time. I hope to make it all the way through at least clue 2 and start clue 3 by the time clue 4 comes out. I’ll let you know how that goes next time.