Not much time for knitting lately

gemini sweater.JPG

Not much progress made on the Gemini I am afraid. I have still not had much knitting time lately, but there’s a good reason for that. More on that in a minute.

twinkle cruise 3.JPG

I got the Twinkle Cruise yesterday and I don’t see how it can get the right gauge for this sweater either. It looks more like a fingering weight yarn to me so I guess I will have to either improvise or come up with something else for it. Maybe a little 3/4 sleeve cardigan?

So what has been keeping me busy, you ask?

2012 03 28_0786_edited-1.JPG 

Well, I have been working on some color ideas for a wholesale order, which I can’t share since it’s for a club. I am also dyeing up our new colors and  restocking the rest of our colors for the spring shows and website.

2012 03 28_0782.JPG

This is the Tiger Lily and..

2012 03 28_0780.JPG

this is the Peridot.

2012 03 28_0779_edited-1.JPG

We did the hand painted colors last week but I neglected to get any pictures.

dyeing March 2012-05_edited-1.JPG

For one thing it kept raining on us so we were trying to just get it done, so no time for thinking about getting out the camera.

dyeing March 2012-04_edited-1.JPG

Fortunately we have nice weather this week, since doing solids is more dependent on dry conditions.  To be honest it’s been down right hot.

dyeing March 2012-03_edited-1.JPG

Who could have imagined breaking a sweat in March? Yep, it’s been in the mid 80’s and working over steaming pots in the sun is hot sweaty work.

dyeing March 2012-02.JPG

When I am working at the dye pots I like to listen to my iPod. Sometimes I listen to music but I am taking the opportunity to catch up on my “reading”.  You may remember that I am reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon? Well, I am finally on the 7th and last (so far) book. I own both the eBook and the audiobook, so am switching back and forth and taking every chance progress through it.

dyeing March 2012-01_edited-1.JPG

I will probably be done by the next time I post. I am enjoying them but I don’t think I will be like some fans of the series and feel compelled to re-read them. They are extremely long and there are just too many other books in my to-read list. I think the new Stephen King is going to be my next read. What are you reading?