In Wisconsin this weekend

Well our break from the road has come and gone with no post from me. Sorry about that. We are currently in Jefferson, WI for the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool festival. My time at home was divided mainly between seeing to family needs like lessons with my younger children, admin tasks for the business and making plans for and beginning on some long overdue home maintenance and improvements.

The home improvements aren’t any major reconstructions but we are planning quite a lot of things like painting, new cabinet doors and some additional units in the kitchen (which Jerry will build), fixing some plumbing issues, etc. We will assess as we go along and revise as needed. We certainly have our work cut out for us but I am eager to see the finished results. Since my time home is in short supply until mid October most of the preparation work will probably fall on Jerry and a couple of the older children. I am fully expecting it to be a long term work in progress but that is okay. I AM a knitter and a mother after all and am fully used t that concept. :-)

So, unfortunately I have very little knitting progress to share today. I did pick up my Mayapple yesterday afternoon after we returned to the hotel from the booth setup and get in about 14 rows on it but it is sadly not much changed by the time spent.

2014-09-05 08.32.58

Cassie has actually made a lot of progress on Glenallen and it is looking very nice indeed. I haven’t seen Joanie’s Teresa Rose for awhile but maybe I can get a picture to share by my next post.  Sorry for the picture quality today. Hotels rooms are not the greatest for lighting and ambiance. :-)


I hate to cut this so short but I need to get my stuff together and head over to the fairgrounds since the market opens in one and a half hours. See you later!