Boys will be boys

So, my plan today was to write a long overdue blog post and show you my progress on my Sweet Tea Scarf. I gather up my knitting and my camera and head out to the front porch for some natural light. I turn on the camera….and nothing. The battery is dead. I think to myself, WTH? I haven’t used this in days. Why is the battery dead? I get out my phone to try and get a progress shot for you, but as you can see it is less than stellar. 

Sweet tea infinity scarf

I will get you a better shot if I have time tomorrow, since there will be more packing to do tomorrow for our trip to Pittsburgh on Wednesday. I may even make some progress on it tonight, who knows?

So, I put the battery in the charger and decide to see what was on the memory card. It appears that my oldest son must have been in charge of the baby a couple days ago and was messing around outside. 2012 02 02_0334_edited-1.JPG

I was a little disturbed by the bare feet. I know it’s warm but it IS February! Of course the 15 year old in charge here was without a doubt similarly clad. Sigh.

2012 02 02_0337.JPG

Ah, the truck. His favorite outdoor toy, besides the basketball.

2012 02 02_0339_edited-1.JPG

2012 02 02_0341.JPG

2012 02 02_0343_edited-1.JPG

2012 02 02_0346.JPG

2012 02 02_0347_edited-1.JPG

Why do they always head straight for the puddles like guided missiles?

2012 02 02_0348_edited-1.JPG

I think he’s seriously considering whether he will get away with diving in.

2012 02 02_0349_edited-1.JPG

Disaster averted, LOL!

2012 02 02_0352.JPG

Going for a climb up the slide

2012 02 02_0357_edited-1.JPG

Heading to new adventure.

2012 02 02_0358.JPG

Hmm…what’s going on in here? I see some swifts in need of sanding.

2012 02 02_0359_edited-1.JPG

Let’s bring the truck in and load it up with sawdust, yeah that will be awesome!

2012 01 31_0363_edited-1.JPG

Ah well, no worries. It all washes off at the end of the day.

2012 01 31_0368.JPG

You will be glad to know that no one caught pneumonia in the making of this blog post.