Happy First Birthday!


I can remember very well this time last year waiting very anxiously for this little one. I tend to go 1-2 weeks past my “due date” and it was pretty crucial that not happen this time. The baby was due on July 1 and we had a festival to leave for on the 14th, so he really needed to be “on time”.  My midwife came over for a check up on the my due date and nothing looked any closer to happening than it had over  the weekend when we thought labor was starting for about 36 hours of intermittent contractions. I was knew if labor didn’t happen very soon I would just have to cancel the show since I would need a little re-cooperation time, and two weeks was already cutting that pretty close.  I was trying so hard to hold it together, but I was not doing very well. After she left I decided to just vent my frustrations in something constructive,  so of course I went out and washed my truck. Winking smile While I was working I just gave myself over to the idea that as usual I am not in control of this and God knew best what the outcome should be. I cried out to Him that I was ready to except His timing, even if I wouldn’t necessarily be happy about it.

By the time I was done I was beginning to feel contractions again, and they were getting regular. By 11:00 I was sure of it and called Jerry and my midwife. We labored through the night and it was so quiet and calm. It was exactly the way I needed this labor to be. We walked outside in the cool night and paced the living-room and hall.

About 5:00 am I knew birth was imminent. My water broke and my midwife convinced me to get to the bedroom where she had everything set up for the birth. I told her there was no way I was getting on that bed though. The whole labor I needed to be upright. I walked, or squatted the whole night. I was very tired from being awake all night and ready to be done. I delivered him standing up and resting my hands on the bed while I think all three of them (Jerry, Heather {midwife}, and Talitha {Midwife assistant}) caught him and handed him to me. We were all so shocked when he was such a little peanut. I measured bigger than I usually do, but it was all water it seems, since he was only 6 pounds 9 ounces and 19” long. He was the second to the smallest of our 10.

We were thrilled to have our third little boy and he has truly been such  joy and a blessing to us all. Happy Birthday Elijah! We are glad you are here. Open-mouthed smile

Elijah's first birthday-03.JPG

What a face huh?

Elijah's first birthday-13.JPG