A Day at the Brookfield Zoo

First, this place is huge. We got there around 10:30 or 11:00 am and by 3:00 pm we were definitely worn out and ready to go. We skipped the stuff that cost extra like the Children’s Zoo (i.e. the petting zoo) and a few others. I couldn’t believe that was extra, but whatever. We also missed a few indoor exhibits, but we were tired and wanted to hit the road back to the hotel before rush hour.

It was a fun day and Elijah really had a good time I think.

Okay here’s the highlights. I won’t post them all since I uploaded 80 pictures to my Flickr account, but you can pop over and take a look at the full set if you would like here.

2012 08 14_1513_edited-1.JPG

2012 08 14_1518.JPG

This was at the first exhibit where the Tapirs were.

2012 08 14_1517.JPG

2012 08 14_1521.JPG

These Bactrian Camels are really big. Much bigger that the ones we see at fiber festivals. They were standing up later when we passed by but that was when we were leaving and I was too lazy to get the camera back out. LOL!

2012 08 14_1522.JPG

I was reminded of a Main Coon cat I had when I was a little girl, when I saw how these Wombats were sleeping. What was really funny was the signs that were posted to reassure us that all the Wombats are fine. I guess they get a lot of worried reports of possibly expired Wombats, LOL!

2012 08 14_1531.JPG

I think the Giraffes in the Nashville Zoo are bigger that these, but they were being very photogenic.

2012 08 14_1551.JPG

I don’t remember what these are, but they were sure cute posed together.

2012 08 14_1559_edited-1.JPG

At the Wolf exhibit. I tried to get a good shot of the real ones for Ian, but there was only one visible and he was too far away and hidden to show up very well.

2012 08 14_1568.JPG

This was along the 20 minute loop trial by a pond. There were some free range ducks that Elijah wanted to get his hands on.

2012 08 14_1580.JPG

This was a pretty good view of the Grizzly bear swimming. It was a challenge to get since there were about 3,000,000 children at the zoo yesterday. Oh yeah, did I mention that? It was kids 11 and under get in free week. Fun. Of course it didn’t do us any good since 2 and under are always free. Oh well. :-)

2012 08 14_1593_edited-1.JPG

I had to get this shot of “Dory” and “Nemo/Marlin” which is my favorite Pixar movie.

2012 08 14_1604.JPG

I don’t remember where this was taken but it was a cute one of all three of them.

2012 08 14_1609.JPG

This one is for my husband. He would love to have more land and have chickens and guineas. When I saw these free roaming guinea hens I thought of him. Elijah was of course determined to catch up to them too.

2012 08 14_1618_edited-1.JPG

This was the best shot I could get of the Orangutans. I think it’s an adult male and female and their offspring.

2012 08 14_1634_edited-1.JPG

One of the Gorillas. There were two or three of them,

2012 08 14_1639_edited-1.JPG

Harbor Seals frolicking in the water. It looked like fun and it was warm enough to want to join them.

2012 08 14_1654_edited-1.JPG

Thanks for looking and we’ll see you next from Allegan, MI. We are out of here in the morning and will be setting up the booth for Michigan Fiber Festival by this time tomorrow. See you later!