Stranded in Kalamazoo

We were home for two days and then hit the road again for Kalamazoo, MI to vend at the first annual Fiber Arts Symposium. It is in the lovely Radisson Plaza. The vendor hall is very nice and we have a whole corner to ourselves. :-)


Last week when we pulled out of Pittsburgh in the wee hour of the morning on Monday, the wintery mix was starting to fall, so we had a couple of tedious hours of slower going and keeping on eye on the road conditions. Fortunately it didn’t get too bad and by the time we reached the Wheeling area and crossing over into eastern Ohio we didn’t see much more to be concerned about.


We had a couple days at home to wash clothes and repack. There were snow showers predicted for Kalamazoo on Thursday while we were driving up. It was in the 20’s and low 30’s all day and while we saw flurries and snow showers a few times the roads remained clear thankfully.


Friday we set up the booth at the venue and the market was open on Friday and Saturday from 11-6 and today 11-3. Pretty civilized hours in my opinion. :-)


We had planned on driving home first thing Monday morning but low and behold there is a huge winter storm between us and Nashville. The stupid thing even has a name! Virgil. When did we start naming winter storms, btw? Is that new? We have to drive right through north and central Indiana which is expected an insane amount of snow tonight and into tomorrow. The forecast accumulation by Monday is something like 7-10” GAH!


We were able to extend out hotel stay and we are hoping that that the roads will be clear enough by Tuesday. Worst case scenario we stay until Wednesday when surely it will be fine by then. I figure that since they are prepared for this thing, know it’s coming, the chances are decent that Tuesday will be okay, right?

Anyway fortunately I am prepared for the extra down time. I may as well take it in stride and get some stuff done right? I have my wrap I can knit. I have plenty of reading thanks to my Nook and my Nexus tablet. Maybe I will even finish up the Sorrel pattern. Always a silver lining. :-)


Sorry again for the phone pictures. I left my camera in the hotel room.

9 thoughts on “Stranded in Kalamazoo

  1. I just wanted to tell you that I purchased I swift from you at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival. It was my first one and I absolutely love it! Thanks for selling it at a reasonable price! btw, that winter storm is heading here tonight into tomorrow. I hope you have safe travels.

    1. Thank you! I am glad that you are happy with your swift. :-) We would appreciate your prayer for safe travels.

  2. The weather channel decided that the winter storms should be named this year. Whatever A was called was the storm that dumped all the snow on the east coast right after the remnants of Sandy pounded them.

    If you’re sticking to interstates you might actually be able to head south sometime tomorrow. The DOT in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana are pretty used to this stuff and the interstates get priority. It’s snowing here in Columbus, but not sticking. They are predicting heavy, wet snow like we got a couple of weeks ago. Annoying but quickly disappearing.

    You do have a good supply of yarn available to you. I would likely kick back with chocolate and/or an adult beverage, my e-reader and my needles and take what enjoyment I could. Me, regardless of how much falls, I have to be at work in the am. We’re a FEMA store, we have to open.

    1. Yeah that’s what I am figuring too about the roads. I am going to tentatively plan to drive out sometime Tuesday morning and make the most of tomorrow. :-) We went to the Mejier’s and stocked up on some stuff to get us through and there was some beer (for me), LOL! Already had the rest

    2. oh and be safe Lori. I know you are likely used to it but still…:-)

  3. I’ve discovered the best thing about the tablet is that I can read and knit at the same time. Before it was only magazine that i didn’t have to hold open.

    1. agreed! and it’s also easier to get in some reading while nursing a squirming baby/toddler, LOL! I was pregnant when I got my first Nook and that played a large factor in the decision. I have not looked back and don’t miss paper books even a little bit.

  4. I have 2 miles to go, about the shortest commute in my career. My morning challenge will likely be shoveling out the driveway so I can leave. I’m counting on that being my 30 minutes of exercise for my diet plan. LOL

    1. oh good!

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