I have been stash diving this week and it appears that I have a bad case of startitis. This is a rare affliction for me. I am typically project monogamous. The other notable change is that none of these are booth samples. I know! It’s been awhile since I just knit some stuff on a whim, and it’s pretty fun actually.

So here’s what’s on my needles at the moment. Riveting, I know. :-)

First up is Debussy, which I have knit before as a booth sample in my DK weight Merino yarn but this one is just for fun in some Cestari Wool/Cotton blend that has been in my stash for about 10 years. It’s slightly rustic looking which I think will make a nice all-season wrap.

Next up is a pair of socks. It’s been too long since I made any socks and I wanted a variety to switch back and forth on. I decided to make a pair of Gridiron Socks, in another long marinating yarn. The story behind this yarn and the one in my other project below goes back to 2009. I was in a online group, I think it was on Ravelry originally, with a handful of other hand dyers. We decided to do a collaboration yarn club. I think we called it Fiber Baristas? Anyway, we each were dyeing up a unique colorway for one of the installments and agreed to send a skein to each other as well. It was fun and I am finally getting around to using a couple of mine.

This last project is a cowl pattern my second daughter wrote for me using my Classic Merino Superwash Sock yarn about 10-12 years ago I think. It’s called Spiral Effect Cowl and I have made it a couple times before as a booth sample in that yarn. This one is made using another indie dyed yarn from the above club though. The cat (Mimi) is a bonus today. :-)

Oh, and I almost forgot! I finished my third booth sample I was knitting over the weekend before the stash dive. I think I will save that for another post after I can get a chance to get some better pictures maybe. Here’s sneak peek though.

14 thoughts on “Startitis

  1. I am itching for a new cast on. There are so many pretty yarns in my stash and I am so impatient to use them.

    1. Go for it! Socks are a go to for me. That’s what I was planning initially and it snow balled from there, 😆.

      1. That’s just what I need, too. I don’t have a pair on the needles and I ALWAYS have socks in the works. Thank you for enabling me. Much appreciated. :)

      2. You are most welcome ☺

  2. Is the Cestari Ash Lawn? That’s one of my favorites. It’s so soft.

    1. Yes, it is. I knit a swatch once when I first got it but never did settle on the right project. Good call!

  3. Your sneak peak is gorgeous!! I also love both the autumn yarn for your socks and the purple/pink yarn for the cowl. Great fun projects to work on this new year!!

    1. Thank you 😊

  4. Wonderful starts, and I can’t wait to see the finish of the latest one.

  5. These are gorgeous! Love the patterns and colors. As one who hasn’t knitted in decades, I have to ask: what is that instrument you’re making the socks on? It looks intriguing.
    PS please post another picture when you’ve finished the sweater. I’d love to see how what that spiral effect looks like. 🙂

    1. Hi and thank you for the kind comments 😊. The tool that the socks are in is one of our stitch keepers. We call it a Sock Keeper.

      1. Makes sense. 😏

  6. Oops sorry. My reply posted before I had finished. To continue, the Sock Keeper is used to protect your knitting done on double pointed needles while you aren’t working on them. It keeps the needles from sliding out when it’s in your knitting bag. Here’s a link to more info on my website if you are curious.

    1. Sounds very practical and useful. 👍

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