Shepherd’s Harvest Fiber Festival 2012

I only have time for a quick post this morning. We arrived in MN late Thursday afternoon. We got our booth set up on Friday and just hung out at the hotel for what little time we weren’t driving or working.

I didn’t remember to get any pictures to share until this morning. I gave Cassie the camera to get some more today since she won’t be working the booth and might be able to get some interesting stuff while entertaining the toddler. I did take these this morning before the crowds converge. 2012 05 12_1104_edited-1.JPG

2012 05 12_1103_edited-1.JPG

2012 05 12_1102_edited-1.JPG

2012 05 12_1101.JPG

2012 05 12_1100.JPG

2012 05 12_1099.JPG

2012 05 12_1098.JPG

2012 05 12_1097_edited-1.JPG

2012 05 12_1096_edited-1.JPG

2012 05 12_1095.JPG

2012 05 12_1094.JPG

2012 05 12_1093.JPG

2012 05 12_1092.JPG

2012 05 12_1106.JPG

The aromas from the food vendors smell wonderful!

2012 05 12_1105.JPG

More later!

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