SAFF, Lilyanna, and more..

I am FINALLY getting a breather to catch you up on happenings.

Last weekend we were at Fiber in the Boro and this weekend I am in Asheville, NC for my tenth year at SAFF. I am very excited about the changes here. SAFF now has the WHOLE fairgrounds and there is so much room! I am liking the new set up in the Davis Arena. It’s so much cleaner! Yay!

I drove and did part of the set up on Wednesday and then spent an additional 7 hours over there day getting the booth ready and it’s looking pretty good if I do say so myself.

SAFF-2015 (14)

SAFF-2015 (11)

SAFF-2015 (13)

There’s my two newest shawls on display, Jimi and Lilyanna. Oh yeah You haven’t seen Lilyanna yet have you? I finished her and just had time to get it blocked on Tuesday before I left for SAFF.  I haven’t had a chance for proper photos but here’s a closer one in the booth for now.

SAFF-2015 (12)

I had hoped it would use just 2 skeins of Classic Merino Superwash DK but can you believe I needed 205 g? I cheated and used a remnant of something similar for the bind off. Yes, that is all I lacked! So annoying. I would you make sure to have at least 510 yards or maybe a bit more for yours. I love the shawl though and can see it getting much wear by me this winter as a scarf.

SAFF-2015 (6)

We have also got a second “yarn box” design with a sliding lid. I can’t decide which version is my favorite though.

SAFF-2015 (5)

What do you think? I have tested them both and they work equally well. Oh and I mentioned to Jerry about doing boxes with two holes for Fair Isle and other two color knitting. His reaction was why not just give a deal for the price of two instead. His reasoning is that the dimensions right now aren’t designed for two balls. Now we could do a larger one with two holes and keep the small one too, but it does seem simpler to just have one size and offer a discount for two. Do you agree? Comments are welcome. Smile

SAFF-2015 (4)

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