Quick One from Schaumburg

Hey there! I am just getting in a quick update for you before the show opens this morning. It will be brief because I am posting from the Android app which is more tedious to me than the desktop version. I am in Schaumburg this weekend for Stitches Midwest, which is one of my favorite venues.

I brought along my knitting today to get in a bit of work on the edging when I have time.

Here’s a few of the booth that I took at the market preview last night.

Okay that’s all for now. Gotta get ready for the opening which is in a half hour.

4 thoughts on “Quick One from Schaumburg

  1. Can you tell me what pattern that beautiful light green lacy sweater is, on the far right in the second to the last picture. I love it and didn’t see it on your website. Thanks!

    1. The light green lacy garment is actually a shawl, not a sweater. It is a large square shawl I designed based on traditional shetland square lace shawls. It is called Honeydew Lace Square. The pattern is available on both my website and Ravelry. Thanks for asking!

      1. Thank you so much! I must have missed it the first time! It’s gorgeous!

      2. Thanks and you’re welcome. :-)

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