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We had a wonderful first show in St. Louis this past weekend at the Midwest Fiber Festival. We will definitely be there next year.

I drove up to St. Paul, MN on Monday and have a few days before I will be setting up the booth again at Shepherd’s Harvest Festival. While I am waiting I plan to do some work on my website as well as some knitting and reading. My website is experiencing some issues with credit card processing. The PayPal option works and we always welcome checks but the credit card issue is a problem that needs fixed, so I am looking at my options.

Anyway, I finished my gansey last night. I hate to post an unblocked sweater picture but I don’t want to wait until next week to show you so here it is. Now keep in mind that it will look even better after its had a proper soak and block.

I now have nothing on the needles but I have several yarns picked out and I brought my swift and winder. I’ll fill you in later on what I am doing when I have the yarn wound.

6 thoughts on “Post from Minnesota

  1. Your gansey looks great. St Louis you say. Still 6 hrs away so I’m probably not going to make it. You do have beautiful yarns.

    1. Thank you! Well maybe there’s one closer to you. You didn’t mention where you are but here’s a link to my event calendar 😉

      1. OMGoodness!! I usually attend Yellow Springs but this year I have a wedding over that weekend. I’m sure our paths will cross sometime.

  2. I remember your booth!! Beautiful wood. Lusting over the cherry swift and darning eggs (already have a cherry umbrella swift but those table top ones are better). Newark is close to Cincinnati. May have to make a day trip!

    1. Awesome! Thanks for the compliment and maybe I’ll see you there. 🙂

  3. I was in St. Louis last weekend – for my high school reunion! The big 50th, although it got cancelled last year, so it’s been 51 years. Sorry I missed you. Love the colors! You’re definitely breaking the monotony of the gray winter days. Blessings! – Annie

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